Change My Info

For ID, password and modify the user information.

  • Login Info

    • i   Forgot ID

      If you do not remember your User ID, please contact directly to the customer service or our agency. We will confirm user status and reply immediately.

    • ii   Forgot Password

      If you do not remember the password, click "Forgot your password' in the log-in screen. Confirm the email address which was used at the time of enrollment, and temporary password will be sent to that email. After logging-in using the temporary password, go to My Page>Change My Password and make sure to change the password before continuing to use the service.

    • ⅲ   Remember ID

      When you sign in using your ID, your browser can "remember" this information. Check the box and you won't have to sign in each time you come back.


      • ▪ If you use more than one browser, remember to save your sign-in information on each one.
      • ▪ This function is not recommended for use on public workstations. All research performed at a workstation will be assigned to the ID in use when Remember my Sign-In Information was checked, and that ID will accrue charges accordingly.
    • iv   Secure Connection (SSL) – When you sign in WIPS Global ADVANCED, your entire session to be conducted under a secure connection. Your sign-innformation is always sent over a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). However, if you click the Use a Secure Connection for Entire Session link,your entire session is transmitted using a secure connection. Secured Sockets Layer is the standard encryption protocol used to provide a secure connection.With SSL in place, information is encrypted before it is transmitted between your computer and WIPS Global ADVANCED , blocking any attempt to observe this information by another party.


      • ▪ SSL encryption may result in slightly slower system performance over a dial-up connection.
      • ▪ To turn off the secure connection, click the Sign-Off link at the top of any WIPS Global ADVANCED service page, then sign back in, leaving the Use a secure connection for entire session box cleared.
  • Change My Info

    Users can change the user information -including contact, email and address information. To protect user information, we will confirm the password one more time before enabling the change of information. However, the name and ID information used at the time of enrollment cannot be changed.

  • Change My Password

    Users can change the password after confirming the current password. Users can use the service more safely by setting the password to be combination of alphabet letters, numbers and symbols up to 8~15 letters and by avoiding using consecutive alphabets and numbers.

  • Cancel Membership

    WIPS Global service is a charged service. When users want to cancel membership, WIPS Global needs to confirm the user's service period and additional service usage. Please contact the customer service to confirm this information and we will be able to process your request. We apologize for the inconvenience.