More Individual, visual, specialized patent information system,
A new user-friendly patent search and analysis system, WIPS Global !

Based on the unique know-how and technology within the company, WIPS global goes closer to our customers with the service
which delivers more various and convenient search function and considering the statistical analysis of the new patent search/analysis.
WIPS global is easy and quick to perform of establish about patent strategy provide services about deep analysis on major patents,
intensifled SmartAngle on analysis of multiple statistics and specialized theme search service based on business purpose.


  1. Specialized search services
    Search has been made more convenient by match board in error check of query, used query of past to error check of query, used query of past.
    It is possible to acquire information that is right for the business purpose to search with condition of family information, Citation information and Company information.
    By using view details and easy-viewer menu, users can review the retireved patent results more quickly and accurately, moreover, by utilizing a patent classification tags, users are able to classify the results according to their relevances or importances.
    WIPS global provides patent classification code table which include IPC, UPC, FI/F-term and ECLA at a glance.
  2. WIPS global provides a differentiated theme analysis service for establish patent strategy.
    Quick to comprehend range of the rights which already has been structurally visualized that is differentiation of attributed claims.
    WIPS global helps on analyze technical trend, establishing a licensed strategy as well as action on dispute strategy through upgraded Citation relationship and visual mode.
    Possible to compare between claims and bibliographic utility of family reference, and comprehend current situation of interest family patent which entered to other nations.
  3. Multilateral statistical analysis services
    SmartAngle provides search result of quantity to various item into visual statistical analysis data .
    By using the basis of what users interested in, multilateral service is able to re-anlysis data upto 4th level, so it will analyze data in a multilateral perspective, can be handled quickly and easily.
  4. Provide optional services for increase work efficiency
    Extended SDI Service- Possible to comprehend technical trends, monitoring of competitor, Watching for activity of foreign patent and build offensive/defensive strategy.
    Individual service- Depending on users' type of work or purpose of usage, variety features of personalization function such as search/output option helps to make up more useful and convenient environment to users.
    Provide quick and highly confidentiality download services- Provide quick download for useful data and stable multitasking.

Practical use of WIPS Global

  • Acquisition of preceding skill information within the worldwide patent required as an essential prerequisite to apply for application and using in research stage.
  • Comprehend trend of applications through monitoring current situation that overseas expansion of patents that owns by competitor.
  • Basic data collection of licensing strategy establishment/conflict action through citation.
  • Patent strategy and patent change comprehension through family, claim comparison.
  • Support to set Patent strategy through multilateral statistic analysis.
  • Apply personalization function to build up the work efficiency to prevent wasting time.