ThinKlear 2012 for Clear and Smart Analysis

ThinKlear 2012, the combination of the word "Think" and "Clear", refers to an analysis tool for clear and smart thinking.
ThinKlear 2012 is a patent analysis tool that made of gathering opinion by customers and patent analysis expert for the professional patent a patent analysis tool.
You can analysis search data in WIPS Global.

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  • Developed by Patent Analysis Professionals

    This distinctive patent analysis software was designed and developed by patent analysis experts with many years of experience in patent analysis,
    specifically Patent Mapping.

    Unlike the existing patent analysis software programs performing simple quantitative analysis with only bibliography information of patents,
    ThinKlear 2012 was based on the concept of preliminary qualitative analysis based on technology information of patents. Now patent analysis from various viewpoints
    and qualitative patent analysis are feasible with ThinKlear 2012.

    This new analysis program features multi-pronged analysis function, which allows assessment and classification in terms of applicability, quality and economy,
    on top of technological classification.

  • Functionality from patent management to reporting

    The characteristics of patent works like classification, organization and reporting of mass data in different ways were fully taken into account
    in the development of ThinKlear 2012. Therefore, this tool can also serve as a useful office program the user can review and manage patent knowledge with.

  • Exclusive analysis with advanced information from WIPS

    ThinKlear 2012 is connected with WIPS Patent Search System on a real-time basis. Such advanced information as view the details of the given case,
    view the original document, download Representative Drawing, download Family patents and download reference information.

    Ushering in the new concept of a pioneering patent analysis Through round-the-clock update, ThinKlear 2012 provides you with not only the result of simple
    patent analysis but also penetrating insight to discern the structure and value of specific technology and the future direction and marketability of the applicable industry.

Special Features of ThinKlear 2012

    • 1. User-oriented item setting

    • Setting screen configuration and fields by user
    • Setting classifications and their traits by user
    • 2. Utilization of special data

    • Diverse analysis with additional fields depending on the purpose of the user
    • Unique analysis with WIPS Patent data and other user defined data (intra-company data, technology data, etc.)
    • Patent assessment with advanced information supplied through real-time connection with WIPS
    • 3. Specified and varied search

    • Search and filtering of each field of Bibliography
    • Straightforward data extraction before classification through keyword input and operation with combined keywords
    • Step search with numerous search conditions
    • 4. Generalized project through standardization

    • Provision of standardization of applicants, inventors and agents.
    • Usage of the information files of standardization, search conditions and criteria for classification and analysis as intra-company database
    • Common project performed through Merge Project and integration of criteria information
    • 5. Enhanced analysis and reporting

    • Simple analysis on basic analysis themes
    • User analysis with varied conditions set by user
    • Effortless creation of analysis result reports
    • Reporting of the Key Information List of the selected patent either in basic format or according to user's selection