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Introduction & Benefits

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WIPS Global, powerful patent search engine

Online patent information service provider WIPS Inc. has launched a new and more powerful version of WIPS Global based on the years of expertise and know-hows.

WIPS Global’s upgraded version will satisfy the different needs of our clients by providing diverse search functions, highly visualized analysis functions, and all the more enriched contents.

Prominent Features
  • 01.More Diverse and Convenient Search Service

    • From four of search features including AI Search and thematic search engines specialized into particular themes such as Family, to additional filtering of the search results based on particular categories, experience more sophisticated and convenient search settings based on the integrated search system of worldwide patent collections.
  • 02.IP Expert Service for professional practice

    • IP Expert features will provide advanced search functionality, differentiated from the existing service, making it easy to find to-be-expired pharmaceutical patents or invalid data of a particular document. WIPS expects to continue producing and providing more practical search modules.
  • 03.User-Friendly Review Features

    • In the search, the users can classify and review patents by technology removing duplicated documents and Family Grouping feature; in viewing details, major information will be displayed at the top of the page, providing a faster access to information needed. It also offers the optimized review environments such as the Easy Viewer which allows users to quickly navigate through various records. The Dual Viewer allows users to view technical contents of two documents side by side on the same screen.
  • 04.Stronger Analytics Features

    • Other than visual aspect of using various diagrams, the upgraded SmartAngle such as including the dataset to the analysis subject or allowing users to edit names of applicants. It also provides Claim Analysis which visualizes claim hierarchies by differentiating independent and dependent claims, Citation Analysis which shows the relationship of forward and backward citation at a glance, and Related Application Analysis.
  • 05.Powerful Personalized Managing Features

    • It enables users to intensively manage essential patents using flags and My Folder where user can save documents with memos. My Folder can be shared with others and operated between folders. Also, the users can easily request file histories of each country using SDI functions to monitor competitor’s patent status and receive notifications on the progress of selected patents.
Practical use of WIPS Global
  • Acquire worldwide patent information of preceding technologies required for a research or pre-application stage
  • Understand patent trends by monitoring the status of competitors’ international patent expansions
  • Collect basic data for establishing licensing strategy and responding to disputes using patent citation information
  • Understand the strategy and changes in Intellectual Property Rights through comparison of families and claims
  • Support establishment of patent strategies using multilateral statistical analysis
  • Minimize time by increasing work efficiency using personalized functions

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